Welcome to the RS Fincher & Co., LLC homeowner web portal. If this is your first visit to the site and you do not have a login, please click the Register button on the right hand side and submit your information. Once we verify your information, you will be emailed a password. To login to your account, enter your email address in the Login/Email field and your password in the Password field.

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  • Pay your association dues by e-check or credit card (note there is a fee for credit card users).
  • Setup recurring payments.
  • Access and view your account (s) history.
  • Access the associations Legal Governing documents, Guidelines and Rules and Regulations.
  • Access a Calendar of Events.
  • Submit ACC Requests.

  • Contact Information

  • RS Fincher & Co., LLC
  • PO Box 1117
  • Apex, NC 27502

  • Phone: 919-362-1460
  • Fax 919-362-1462

  • Email: info@rsfincher.com
  • Website: http://rsfincher.com/